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Costa Rica creates committee to simplify paperwork


The bureaucratic hoops, or trámites, that those attempting to do business in the country must leap through can present an arduous and frustrating challenge to investors. Companies looking to build are usually bogged down in excessive paperwork and permit applications, while potential Costa Rican residents can wait years to have their application granted.
During her campaign, President Laura Chinchilla listed improving these bureaucratic processes as one of her highest priorities. Chinchilla commented on the inefficiency of the process and promised that her government would look into creating a more efficient digital trámite process.
This week, the Economy Ministry (MEIC) announced the creation of the National Strategy for Better Regulation and Simplification of  Bureaucratic Processes. The strategy will be implemented by a committee, which will be comprised of Chinchilla, the economy minister, the vice minister of every other governmental ministry, and the managers or assistant managers of public institutions. The group will have until Sept. 30 to complete a digital catalog of the trámites required by all public agencies. And on Dec. 17, each agency will present its individual plan for improving the trámite process to Chinchilla.
“Today we begin this strategy as a clear signal that the task of improving regulation and simplifying trámites isn’t just borne by MEIC, but by the entire administration,” said Mayi Antillón, the Economy Minister. “President Chinchilla has identified this as one of her priorities to improve our poor competitive standing as a nation.”
According to MEIC, the most urgent improvements to the trámite process are needed in the Health Ministry, the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry and the nation’s municipalities.

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