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Red Cross: Violent Deaths In November Hit Decade High

More people suffered violent deaths in November of this year than in any November in at least the past decade, according to a report released Tuesday by the Costa Rican Red Cross.

Last month, 85 people were killed as a result of accidents or crime in Costa Rica. That  represents an average of almost three violent deaths per day. Sixty-three such deaths were recorded in 2008 and 71 in the year 2000.

Firearms claimed the most lives, 27, and accounted for more than 31 percent of the violent deaths. Vehicle-on-vehicle collisions killed 12 people, and 11 pedestrians died when hit by vehicles. Nine people drowned last month.

The remaining fatalities resulted mainly from physical trauma, falls, intoxications and electrocutions.

The figures consist of fatalities that the Red Cross encountered on the scene. Persons who later died from injuries received were not included.

San José proved to be the deadliest province, accounting for 33 percent of November’s fatal accidents and crimes.

The Red Cross has registered 900 violent fatalities so far this year.

On the upside, the Red Cross said it saved an average of five lives per day during November.

–Mike McDonald


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