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Honduras’ Supreme Court rules against Zelaya

In a much-awaited move, Honduras´ Supreme Court said Thursday that legislators should vote against reinstating Manuel Zelaya as president, six days before Congress is scheduled to make a final verdict and only three days ahead of the country´s controversial presidential elections.

A Supreme Court spokesman told the newswire EFE that 14 out of 15 magistrates voted for that opinion.

The court´s nonbinding decision is one of the points outlined in the Tegucigalpa-San José Accord, a roadmap toward a government of unity and national reconciliation that was hoped would end the country´s political crisis. The next step of the accord says lawmakers will vote on the court´s opinion, which has been scheduled for Dec. 2.

Hondurans will go to the polls Sunday in a vote that leads to an uncertain future for the country.

See The Nica Times for more on Honduras.


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