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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Higher Gasoline Prices To Bump Up Taxi Fares

The rising cost of oil in international markets will result in a hike in Costa Rica’s gasoline prices and taxi fares, according to the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP).

On Sept.16, taxi fares will go up ¢25, to ¢455 (78 cents), for the first kilometer and ¢30 (5 cents) for every additional kilometer.

Gasoline and diesel prices will go up by about ¢34 (nearly 6 cents) a liter, pushing the cost of a liter of super gasoline to ¢601 ($1.03), regular gas to ¢582 ($1) and diesel to ¢506 (87 cents).

For those with cars that hold 45 liters, the rise will see an increased cost of ¢1.530 at the pumps for a full tank.

This marks the sixth rise in gasoline prices this year, with a barrel of oil in international

markets now costing around $70.

–Sean O’Hare

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