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German Women Helpful Setting up Volunteer Work

Dear Nica Times:

While on vacation recently in Granada and looking for the opportunity to do some short-term volunteer work, I had the pleasure of meeting two friendly German women, Sabrina Ines Heinrich and Linda Wenzel, from Proyecto Mosaico Nicaragua.

They have recently opened an office in Granada and told me they are now ready to assist “anyone between the ages of 18 and 99 interested in working as a volunteer.” They are available to provide a range of services which include help with travel arrangements, orientation to Granada and volunteer work arrangement.

They can also help with Spanish school classes and home-stay arrangements. Their group is a non-governmental organization without any religious or political affiliations.

I found them to be very helpful and dedicated and recommend them to anyone interested in exploring options for volunteer work in Nicaragua.

For more information, their Website is, and their phone is (505) 2552-3090

Ed Rogers

Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA



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