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Telephone Numbers Will Switch to 8 Digits April 22

Starting April 22, an 8th digit will be added to all telephone numbers in Nicaragua.

The government’s telecom regulation agency, TELCOR, says the measure is needed to meet the demand of all the new cell phone lines entering the market.

As of Wednesday, April 22, all existing landlines will have an extra “2” at the beginning, and all cell phone lines will get an extra “8” at the beginning of all existing numbers. The switch to an eight-digit number will affect all telephone lines in the country, regardless of whether the service provider is Claro or Movistar.

For example, the landline number 552-2569 will become 2552-2569, while the cell phone number 463-1689 will be 8463-1689.

Though the original start date for new eight-digit numbers was supposed to be April 1, TELCOR announced last week that the date has been postponed until April 22.

–Nica Times



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