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Taxis plan strike to put brakes on unauthorized competition

Hailing a red taxi Wednesday morning in San José could be trickier than normal.

The Costa Rican capital´s taxistas have planned a strike starting 6 a.m. to steer the government into taking a tougher stance against individuals and companies setting up their car service without a flota roja (red fleet) permit.

Taxi driver Sergio Castillo told The Tico Times he might participate, “at least for a while,” he said. “It´s so (the government) gets rid of unauthorized taxis… they´re not real taxis,” he said.

The government Tuesday called a meeting with representatives from the sector and transport authorities at 11 a.m. Wednesday to resolve the problem, and in the hopes of curbing the strike.

“The Executive Branch has made a respectful but ardent call to members of these sectors (of transport) to participate in dialogue so that the announced mobilization called for tomorrow (Wednesday) doesn´t affect the thousands of citizens who, day to day, need to commute to their place of work, education or other destination,” the government said in a statement.


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