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Progress on roads hit by the Costa Rica quake

The Public Works and Transport Ministry (MOPT) announced a series of advances in road work within the affected areas hit by Thursday´s 6.2 quake.

Crews from MOPT are currently working on the construction of a 20-meter-long bridge between Varablanca and San Miguel over the Angel stream. It is estimated that this bridge will be open by Wednesday, where only light vehicles would be able to pass through.

The transport agency said in a statement that crews were able to move heavy machinery to the other side of stream to continue cleanup efforts where numerous landslides were reported after the quake.

In the section between Los Cartagos and Varablanca, a team with heavy machinery is working on the blocked road leading to the Water Falls Hotel, also severely damaged by the quake. MOPT says it hopes to reach the hotel by Wednesday and pull out the trapped vehicles there.

In San Isidro, in the region of Fraijanes, Alajuela, cleanup crews have been able to open up traffic both ways on Route 712. The MOPT team is also continuing to clear minor landslides in the area hoping to finish by Tuesday.

There is also work being done on Route 120 in Varablanca near the province limit between Heredia and Alajuela.

In the Sarapiquí region, in Boca Tapada, cleanup efforts were finished as all landslides have been cleared up in this area. The entrance to the Quebrada Seca bridge is currently blocked due to a collapsed structure that would be replaced by a pre-fabricated bridge.


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