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Sandinistas Accuse ARENA Of Mobilizing Nica Voters

MANAGUA – Sandinista lawmaker José Antonio Zepeda is accusing El Salvador’s ruling Republican Nationalist Alliance (ARENA) of trying to mobilize 40,000 Nicaraguans to vote for their presidential candidate in the March 15 elections there.

Zepeda accused El Salvador’s governing party of trying to bring Nicaraguans into the country “under the argument” of harvesting coffee and sugar, but then plans to “legalize them so that they can vote.”

Zepeda didn’t provide any evidence to back his accusation, according to newswire EFE.

The Sandinista lawmaker’s accusation came a week after ARENA lawmakers requested the creation of a special congressional commission to investigate a Nov. 18 report on The Tico Times Web site indicating the possible involvement of leftist Salvadorans in Sandinista protests here last month. ARENA fears the Sandinistas are going to try to help the leftist FMLN win the elections.

–EFE & Nica Times



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