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Thanks for Perspective On Carlos F. Chamorro

Dear Nica Times:

Thank you for publishing the well articulated and moving Perspective “Carlos Fernando and the Sacrament of Free Expression” (NT, Oct. 24). I would also like to thank Señora Chamorro Barrios for writing it. At this time, I would imagine, public statements such as hers could make her life more difficult.

In the year I have lived in Costa Rica, I have been following the Nicaragua news with great interest.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting that lovely country with its scenic vistas and its sweet and friendly people.

In the stately city of Granada, I had the privilege of a walking tour given by Gioconda Opera Tours.

During the tour, I received an education on the stormy and proud history of Nicaragua. Señora Chamorro Barrios’ article clearly brought together all the things I had begun to surmise from what I have learned about the country.

What a noble and tragic legacy has come from her family!

You wrote, in another article in the same edition, of the 800,000 Nicaraguans who are malnourished. People of all cultures want to work and be productive. Everyone wants and needs the dignity of being able to support their own family.

This requires a government that is nurturing, cooperative and responsive to the needs of the people.

It is the inspiring devotion and dedication of people like the Chamorro family that will ultimately bring peace and prosperity to the country.

Que Dios les bendiga! They are providing much needed help to their people and monumental examples of heroism to the world.

Lisa Valencia

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica



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