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Southern Caribbean Coast: Land of Sand

Whether traveling with surfing buds, family or significant others, there is a Caribbean beach for everyone on the stretch of southern Caribbean coast between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo.

Just jump in the car and head south, or rent a bicycle at any number of outfits in town (about ¢2,500/$4.50 for the day). The road is flat most of the way, if occasionally bumpy, and wonderfully scenic. Don’t forget to look up into the trees from time to time to check for howler monkeys.

Locations are given in kilometers south of the town of Puerto Viejo (see map on Page W4). All of the beaches mentioned have first-come-first-served parking – park under coconut trees at your own risk – and plenty of palm trees for shade.

Drinks and albums suggested by this reporter are provided to give an idea of each beach’s style.

–Holly K. Sonneland



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