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U.S. Hasn’t Changed Its Mind on Ortega

Dear Nica Times:

I believe the strategists of the Republican Party decided to help Barack Obama win the nomination of the Democratic Party.

That’s why we saw the official media covering and favoring the Obama campaign while downplaying the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

They did this because the Republicans thought it would be easier to beat Obama than Clinton.

Now comes the next part: The same official television stations talk about depressing themes such as the bankruptcy of the financial system and they put Obama’s picture on the screen. Evidently, the idea is to try to contaminate him with this issue and undermine his image.

A U.S. friend of mine told me that the problem with Democrats is that they do not know how to defend themselves from the Republicans. I think he’s right. I think they should change the parties’ symbols – the Republicans should be a wolf and Democrats a sheep.

Manuel Pineda




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