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Granada Suffers From a Clean-Up Hangover

Dear Nica Times:

Before last weekend’s annual celebration in Granada to see who can get the drunkest, hundreds of people were busy setting up roadside beer stands and rum tents to make sure no one would complain of sobriety.

This annual drunkfest, known as the horse parade (because there are still some people who try to ride their horses through the parade of drunk people) was a big hit, and I’m sure the Pellas family, which owns the rum and beer companies, is thankful for everyone’s kind patronage.

The problem was the day after – no one seemed worried about cleaning up the city, which was littered with garbage and bodies.

If the city put forth only half the effort to clean as it spent preparing for debauchery, Granada would be a fun AND clean place to live. Now that’s a sobering thought.

Név Hamis




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