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Ticas Push ‘Blue Heart’ For Food Safety

Two Tica sisters want to create a private food safety certification program in Costa Rica.

Maria and Eugenia Bolaños launched their “Corazón Azul” (Blue Heart) for-profit venture earlier this year after consulting with members of the hotel and restaurant sectors during trade fairs.

“We have had a great response from the industrial and restaurant sectors,” Maria said. “We’re looking to grow exponentially.”

The private company plans to offer training and assistance in complying with Health Ministry citations to any sector that grows, prepares or serves food.

They also are seeking to train companies about United States and European Union food-safety standards.

Establishments that satisfactorily complete their programs and submit to periodic inspections will gain a “Corazón Azul” sticker and certification.

The business owners are seeking cooperation from the Health Ministry, but there is no institutional relationship so far.

Health Ministry spokeswoman Cecilia León said she and Minister María Avila were unfamiliar with the project.



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