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Japanese gov’t donates funds for skin cancer lab

The Japanese government donated $82,500 to Costa Rica to create the country´s first public dermatopathology lab specializing in early cancer detection. Dermatopathology is the study of skin diseases at the microscopic level.

“For four years, we´ve been trying to get these funds and we finally got them from the Japanese,” Social Security System ( Caja ) spokeswoman Susana Saravia said. “Previously, our dermatology department had to handle all the different skin ailments, including cancer. Soon, people will be able to get their skin cancer screenings done faster at this new lab.”

Caja officials are still in the process of acquiring all the equipment necessary to have the lab functioning at the México Hospital in San José. Saravia did not have a timeline for having the lab up and running but she said the staff is already available. The lab will be headed by Dr. Jairo López.

The México Hospital can be reached at 2232-5419 x3117 or x3618, or at 2247-6700.


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