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New Art Space Goes Strictly Tico

The AlegríaCenter for the Arts, in Flamingo, in the northwest Guanacaste province, has opened an exhibit at the Mar y Sol restaurant and will offer space for local artists to strut their stuff.

“We are creating a center for art in Flamingo where locals can show their work,” said Karina Aguilar, an assistant at Edilex Communications, which handles public relations for Alegría. “The center is strictly or Tico artists.”

The new art space will open in two years, Aviles said, adding, “Until then, we will have a series of free exhibits in various locations in the area.”

Alegría is an art-themed second-home community. The center will be located on site.

“We want to put on display our national identity for our residents, who are predominantly Americans,” Aviles said. “We intend for the people who live here to be surrounded by and involved in Costa Rican culture and art.”

The gallery will display artists with a wide range of pedigrees, from promising newcomers to established masters.

“Some of the artists are known, some are just starting their careers,” Aguilar said. Alegría is in the process of building its collection for the eventual grand opening of the center, which is a non-profit organization.

Anyone interested in contacting Alegría can call 2201-5383.



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