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Ticos still pumping gasoline but demand for diesel drops

The high price of oil appears to be having an impact on consumption in Costa Rica.
Last month, Ticos burned 1,403,323 barrels of oil, 5 percent less than the 1,477,526 barrels they consumed in June 2007, according to a National Oil Refinery (RECOPE) press release issued yesterday.
Most of the decrease was in diesel fuel, whose consumption declined by 12.5 percent, from 592,071 barrels in June 2007 to 518,289 barrels last month.
Demand for regular gasoline fell by 4.6 percent, while consumption of super rose 9.8 percent. Officials said the increased demand for super is the result of more purchases of new automobiles.
In total, consumption of the two types of gasoline rose slightly, by about 0.22 percent, RECOPE reported.
Liquefied petroleum gas consumption dropped 5.9 percent, and the consumption of asphalt dropped 37 percent last month as compared to the June 2007.
The lower demand in Costa Rica is part of a worldwide trend. Even the United States, the largest oil consumer, has reduced its demand in recent months.

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