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Ortega Turns Up Inflammatory Rhetoric in FARC Case

President Daniel Ortega this week said that under no circumstances will his government extradite the two Colombian women who were given amnesty here after surviving a Colombian military attack on a Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebel camp in Ecuador last March.

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe accused Ortega of harboring “terrorists” by giving asylum to the two alleged rebels, Martha Perez and Doris Torres, as well as a third Mexican woman, Lucia Morret.

Colombia’s Foreign Minister Fernando Araujo said state prosecutors are studying the possibility of formally requesting extradition of the two Colombians.

Araujo also told the wire agency AFP that Colombia will bring Ortega’s recent comments, in which he called Uribe a “terrorist,” before the Organization of American States. Nicaragua on Tuesday accused Colombia before OAS of practicing state terrorism.

Ortega also accused members of the Nicaraguan press for being “assassins” and for “doing the dirty work of the Yankee Empire.”

“(The press,) under the pretext of journalism, are going to investigate where they are to then later come and assassinate them, and all of this is being directed by the Yankee Embassy here in Managua. We have proof!” Ortega charged.



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