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Cross-Country Race Aims to Aid Locals

Authentic Tour, El Niño and Cordero Geraldine Sport Event recently announced the first running of an annual coast-to-coast race called La Transtica.

Set for Nov. 20-29, the race is a grueling seven-stage trek that includes six days of walking, totaling 191 kilometers, and a day of white-water rafting on the PacuareRiver.

Competitors start on the shores of the Pacific and wrap up on the Caribbean side.

Touting a humanitarian focus, the race intends to inject aid into small village schools and local branches of established organizations such as the Red Cross in various stops along the way.

Organizers are seeking 60 competitors for the event. Entry costs $1,850 for foreigners or $490 for Costa Rican citizens.

Interested parties may contact Authentic Tour at or 2253-2183.



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