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Fourth Jones Film a Romp Down Memory Lane

Over the years, Steven Spielberg has established himself as one of the most influential personalities in the history of film. Let’s take a look at his filmography and how we have arrived at where we are today:

Stevie’s checklist:

_Make a film about aliens – “Firelight”

_Make another film about aliens – “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”

_Make a film with George Lucas – “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

_Make a film about sharks – “Jaws”

_Make another film about aliens – “E.T.”

_Make another film with Lucas – “Temple of Doom”

_An Oscar would be nice – “The Color Purple”

_C’mon Lucas, let’s make another Indy film

– “Last Crusade”

_How about an Oscar for best director? –“Schindler’s List”

_You know, I’ve always been a Kubrick fan… – “A.I.”

_Make another film about aliens – “War of the Worlds”

_Uh, George? – “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

Hence, we have the fourth Indiana Jones installment. It’s an enjoyable trip to the theater, though not the best of the series. The film keeps the same comedy-action formula, so it’s a nice ride down memory lane for Indiana Jones fans – but this time around, the action sequences are really something. It looks as though stuntmen may be reclaiming their rightful place in the movies and special effects.And the final sequence alone is worth the trip to the theater.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to watch “Raiders” – considered the best Indy film by most fans – again, so that you can better appreciate what goes on in this one in terms of characters. Harrison Ford wears Jones like an old glove that’s lost none of its punch. Indy is a great character in the history of film; few characters endure the test of time as he has with his mix of heroics and scholarly knowledge, high action and humor. It’s also great to see old characters make reappearances.

The only casting mistake, in my opinion, was Shia LaBeouf. Though his character was nicely interpreted, it was mostly in scenes in which he has no dialogue. After hearing his loudmouthed cockiness in “Transformers,” I really didn’t expect to see that kind of overacting again, yet it appears in the same lame fashion in this film. But’s a minor distraction.

If you’re in the mood for reliving some good old times from the ’80s, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is a great opportunity.



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