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Hondurans Protest High Cost of Living

TEGUCIGALPA – Thousands of Hondurans staged protest marches and blocked highways May 14 to demand reductions in the prices of food, fuel and electricity and an end to corruption.

The protests were part of a national civic strike promoted by the country’s main unions and grassroots organizations. Some sectors confirmed that the mobilization was being supported, even economically, by President Mel Zelaya’s government, an assertion that has not been confirmed or denied by the administration.

“This time we have orders not to dislodge the demonstrators,” a police officer said on condition of anonymity. “That decision surprises us because they’ve blocked the traffic of people and paralyzed vehicle traffic in several areas of the country.”

The protest shut down the country, including schools, and showed solidarity with a hunger strike begun 38 days ago by a group of prosecutors who are demanding an end to business-sector corruption in the judicial system.



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