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Judge Almost a Victim Of Auto Theft

Trial Judge Alicia Monge is the latest high-profile target of criminals in the country.

Two alleged robbers – last names Mora and Chinchilla – broke into the judge’s property in San Francisco de Dos Ríos in San José Saturday night and tried to steal her car.

“It seems Mora and Chinchilla… tried to steal a car belonging to the judge but in that moment, she was just returning home,” court spokeswoman Andrea Marín said. “In any case, their attempt failed and they fled the property, hailed a taxi that was passing by and the authorities arrested them (nearby).”

In the case of the judge, justice was fast and efficient, even though the alleged perpetrators did not succeed in their robbery attempt. National Police arrested the two suspects in a taxi in front of the neighborhood’s Catholic church within minutes of the judge’s call to authorities. And another judge has already slapped them with three months of preventive prison.



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