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Tibet Schism Diverts Tica Everest Climber

Gineth Soto, the 34-year-old Tica climber who is attempting to ascend the world’s highest peak,Mount Everest, in the coming months, has been forced to change her plans because of the ongoing political unrest in Tibet.

Soto had originally planned to climb the mountain’s north side, through Chinese-controlled territory. Now, however, she will be trekking the south side, which is part of Nepal.

Speaking to The Tico Times in February, Soto explained there is not a great amount of difference between the two sides.

“The summit day is tougher on the north side. It is longer and there are more obstacles,” she said.

By contrast, “The difficulty on the south side comes nearer the start, rather than near the summit,” she said, through a press release issued by her sponsor, Banco Nacional.

Soto left for Kathmandu in Nepal a week ahead of her original departure date of April 10. There she will begin the slow process of acclimatizing to the altitude, which she hopes will allow her to reach the top of the world at late May or early June.

“I am doing all I possibly can, and more, to do what I said I would do,” said Soto in the press release. “I know that Everest is difficult, but my climbing experience speaks for itself. I am still going to give 200% and more.”

If she reaches the summit, Soto will be only the second person from Central America, after Guatemalan Jaime Viñals, to achieve the feat. Furthermore, of the approximately 3,000 people who have reached the top of the world, only around 150 are women.



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