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Quintavalle Makes Unusual Bond Payment

In a new quirk in the $12.5 million real estate fraud case of Italian Matteo Quintavalle, the accused is attempting to pay a $300,000 bond with “industrial machinery.”

A criminal judge ordered the former aspiring soccer mogul to pay the bond by Wednesday and he dropped the machinery off at the court ahead of the deadline.

Lawyers representing 94 of Quintavalle’s alleged victims and the prosecutor handling the case were mystified by the payment.

Prosecutor José Martínez said he didn’t even know what the equipment is, much less if it is worth $300,000. He immediately appealed the payment as illegitimate and said it’s in the hands of the judge.

Different sides have tied up the case in appeals and motions since July 2007, when Quintavalle was originally arrested.

Martínez said he couldn’t say if he was close to indicting the Italian.

“It all depends on the level of proof,” he said. “It’s still under investigation.”

Quintavalle is not the only person facing potential indictment. Interpol has confirmed two U.S. suspects are wanted: Christopher Coulther and Robert Simmons Davis.

The original criminal complaint names 10 people, including Quintavalle and Coulther.



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