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How Can We Contact Blood Banks?

I am the national sales manager for a biomedical company based in Carlsbad, California, in the United States. We are currently in the process of establishing a biomedical processing facility in Costa Rica and are looking for blood banks or plasma centers that might provide us with some material. I thought you might have some advice or suggestions on how to find these centers.
Mario Gastelum
Carlsbad, California, USA
The Tico Times contacted the Health Ministry, and was directed to Dr. Carolina Umaña, of the Unidad de Habilitación, who manages a current list of blood banks and plasma centers, both private and public.
The private banks, she said, may provide companies like yours with material. They are:
Banco de Sangre de la Clínica Católica, 246-3000.
Banco de Sangre del Laboratorio Clínico San José, 222-4658.
Banco de Sangre del Laboratorio Hospital CIMA, 208-1086.
Banco de Sangre del Laboratorio de la Clínica Bíblica, 522-1000.
If you would like more information, Dr. Umaña welcomes questions at 256-4998.

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