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Nicaragua Should Embrace Judge Roberto Rodríguez

Dear Nica Times:
As one of many Americans who wish to do business with your beautiful country, I have been reluctant to do so because of the atrocities surrounding the Volz case .
Cases such as this and the recent Exxon seizure send major “red flags” to the investment community at large.
I applaud Judge Roberto Rodríguez for not succumbing to the local pressures and ruling on this case solely on the evidence. Nicaragua should embrace him and revere his high ethical standards.
Nicaragua needs more honorable lawmakers and politicians like Mr. Rodríguez if they expect to attract business and tourism.
If Nicaragua gets the reputation of being a dangerous place to visit and do business, then it will never live up to its potential.
Believe it or not, the world is watching. Now that Eric Volz has been released, my faith in Nicaragua has been somewhat restored.
Marty Navarro

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