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Tico Business Owners Prepare for India Mission

The Chamber of Foreign Commerce and Representatives of Foreign Companies (CRECEX) says it is organizing the first commercial mission to India in November.

Last month, CRECEX hosted a conference called “Doing Business with India,” aimed at motivating Tico businesses to participate in the Indian International Fair in New Delhi Nov. 14-27.

The fair is considered one of the largest in the world and has been going on for 27 years as part of the Indian government’s Promotion Agency. Visitors will find textiles, machinery, pharmaceutical products and home goods, among other things.

In 2006, CRECEX representatives traveled to New Delhi to make the first contacts with the Indian Foreign Trade Promotion Office “with the goal of organizing the first commercial mission to this legendary country,” the statement said.

Costa Rica imports medicine, motorcycles, hydrocarbon derivatives and tourism vehicles from India and exports wood, electronic accessories, scrap metal, seeds, fruit and construction materials to that country.

The Costa Rican government has recently expressed interest in increasing trade with Asian markets because of their accelerated economic growth.



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