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Three Dead after Fishing Boat Accident

The bodies of Costa Rican boat captain Antonio Cajina and U.S. tourist Bryan Wolf were found Saturday, several days after the small sportfishing boat in which they were traveling capsized near the mouth of the Colorado River, on Costa Rica’s northern Caribbean coast, June 7.

The body of Cajina’s 21-year-old son, identified as Norman Cajina, was found June 8.

Cajina, 49, was found in the nearby ParisminaRiver, according to the daily La Nación;Wolf, 23, was found a few kilometers from the coastal fishing town of Barra del Colorado. The only other person aboard the boat, tourist Kevin Holmes, survived the mishap.

The four men had traveled to the river mouth to fish sábalo and had been there some time when a large wave surprised them and capsized the boat, the daily reported. Holmes alerted other fishermen, beginning a search effort that concluded Saturday when Cajina and Wolf were found.



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