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Thanks For Report on Genetically Modified Seeds

Dear Nica Times:

I am a U.S. citizen with a Nicaraguan mother.

Two years ago you reported on an issue I found interesting. It was about Nica campesinos protesting that they had traded organic seeds for genetically modified seeds that did not reproduce (“Campesinos Unite against Globalization;” NT, April 29, 2005).

I wanted to read it again, because I just came back from Hawaii and there is a problem here in the United States with honeybee colonies dying off.

In a letter to the Honolulu Advertiser two weeks ago, a man suggested the problem there was possibly due to genetically modified seeds, which he thinks are causing the bees to die.

This has become a global issue and the campesinos in Nicaragua recognized a problem with these seeds two years ago.

They are so close to the land that I believe there is a connection.

I like your reporting style and appreciate your concern for all the Nicas, especially the poor and disadvantaged. I would also like to encourage you to follow-up on the pedophile issue in Granada (NT, June 16, 2006). Thank you.

Sabrina Barden

Jensen Beach, Florida, USA



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