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Citizen Action Boasts Massive Gov’t Savings

The opposition Citizen Action Party (PAC), which prides itself on its anti-corruption stance and fiscal austerity measures, says it has saved the government ¢326 million (approximately $626,923) in one year.

Citizen Action’s 17 Legislative Assembly members have spent far less than the assembly budget allows for transportation, food and drink, social activities, telephone bills and office supplies, according to a statement from the party. PAC legislators also have fewer advisors than the average for lawmakers from other parties – two per legislator, rather than the six they are allowed.

If the legislators, who took office in May 2006, keep up their thrifty habits for three more years, they will save the government ¢1.3 billion ($2.5 million) by the time they step down in 2010. If the entire

assembly followed suit, the total savings would be approximately ¢4.4 billion ($8.5 million), the statement said.



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