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Accused U.S. Pedophile Arrested in Panama

PANAMA CITY – Panamanian immigration agents arrested U.S. citizen Donald Leroy Johnson, accused of pedophilia in his home country, as he was trying to flee to Costa Rica, police said Sunday.

Johnson was captured Feb. 17 by the unified security forces command set up for Panama’s Carnival season and authorities said in a press release that he was apprehended at the Paso Canoa border crossing point as he was trying to enter Costa Rica.

The U.S. citizen is wanted in the United States “for alleged crimes against … minors or pedophilia,” police said, adding that authorities were arranging to turn him over to U.S. justice.

In recent days, security has been increased at all border crossing points and elsewhere across Panama, in an attempt to prevent irregular entries and exits from the country during Carnival, according to the press release.



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