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Proposals Sought for New Flamingo Marina

Investors have until Feb. 9 to present offers to the Municipality of Santa Cruz, in the northwestern province of Guanacaste, to help design, build and operate a new marina to replace the defunct Flamingo Marina, the weekly El Financiero reported.

The new marina will be located in either PotreroBay or along PotreroBeach near Flamingo and will service the yachting, sailing and fishing community in the region.

The old marina was closed in 2004 by the Environment Tribunal, an administrative court of the Environment and Energy Ministry, after concerns were raised over water quality because of alleged pollution from the marina.

The guidelines for those vying for rights to develop the new marina were published in December, and include a minimum investment of $12 million dollars, a capacity of 159 yachts in the water, 75 on land, and various marina services.

The bidding process has been fraught with delays and frustrating setbacks (TT, July 7, 2006). Residents were assured a new owner and operator would be in place by October 2004. Three years later, after nearly endless debate and painstakingly slow completion of a master plan, progress has yet to be seen.



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