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Readers Encouraged to Send Questions for New Legal Column

Welcome to The Nica Times’ first “Legal Counsel” column, which we hope will become a regular and useful feature in the paper on legal matters of interest to foreign investors and others living here.

The column originates from our desire to bring readers information and facts about the sometimes-tricky legal system in Nicaragua, which, like every other country, has its own set of laws and regulations that can sometimes be confusing to outsiders.

Managua law firm García & Bodán (Nicaragua) will be providing The Nica Times with legal information on a wide range of issues that are important to readers.

We at the firm feel it is an exciting time to invest in Nicaragua. Tourism has increased dramatically in recent years and the economy is improving.

Some have expressed concerns that this may change for the worse under the new government. Having dealt with all of the political parties in Nicaragua at one point or another, we strongly believe that the new administration will continue on the same upward path.

Nevertheless, the legal process can be daunting. In our desire to serve readers effectively and efficiently, we will share with you the laws, regulations, norms and directives that affect your lives while in Nicaragua.

For example, we think that it is important for you to hear about the correct way to purchase land or a home in Nicaragua; how to do due diligence before buying a property; how to obtain residency or Nicaraguan citizenship; how to obtain a work permit; how to set up a business here; the importance of powers of attorney; and the possibilities of enjoying tax benefits while doing business in this part of the world, among many other issues.

In order to make the Legal Counsel column as effective and helpful as possible, we urge readers to write to The Nica Times (, or to let us know what laws or legal issues are important to you.

In order for you to hear a wide-range of legal views, we have asked several of our attorneys to contribute to the column. Their various specialties should provide a more complete view of the Nicaraguan legal system.

Our column, of course, does not pretend to be an alternative to hiring legal counsel. We thank you in advance for your interest in this new column and look forward to hearing from you.

Terencio García is the managing partner at García &Bodán lawfirm in Managua.



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