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Disabled Pets to Seek Homes This Sunday

Karen Haud has 120 dogs at her extensive ecology park and nature preserve in the mountains of Heredia, north of San José. A Chicagoan who came here 11 years ago, Haud is the founder of the Asociación Fondo de Ñato de Asis, formerly known as Friends of the Animals, which has been saving dogs and cats from dire straits for the last five years.

All of the animals are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and de-wormed, are healthy and active and live in spacious kennels. Haud believes all animals deserve a decent life.

“This is an equal-opportunity hospice.We do not kill any animal,” she explained.

“Every Sunday we have adoptions at (western San José’s) La Sabana Park, on the north side of the lake, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.We place about a thousand cats and dogs a year.”

This Sunday will see a special adoption offer for very special people. Ten dogs with physical problems… no, not problems, but disabilities, will be strutting their stuff to show they make just as good pets as the other 110 at the hospice.

They include Pedro, a terrific little terrier type who is blind in one eye, which is barely noticeable because he wears his hair over his face anyway. There’s also Elena, who could pass for a lively and lovely Dalmatian even with a leg amputated as a result of an accident.

Silvia will need a really special person to adopt her. She’s a big dog and totally blind, but makes up for her sight loss by her super good looks and calm personality. Haud said she’ll need some time getting adjusted to a new home, but her nose and ears will enable her to lead a normal life.

Whether or not you are a special person looking for a special dog, this event will interest all friends of animals. A veterinarian will be around that day to answer questions on doggy and kitty health, and there will be face painting and dog grooming exhibits and other dogs and cats for adoption. Haud said there is no charge for adoptions, and if for some reason the new family cannot keep the dog, it can be returned.

For information on adoptions or spaying and neutering, call the association (English or Spanish) at 267-6011 or 267-6304.



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