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Leaving Nicaragua, But Not Because of Politics

Dear Nica Times:

My husband and I are leaving Nicaragua. This has been on our minds for a long time.

We really want to be back with our family, and we want better health care, so on goes our adventure.

We are both very excited that we are going to be traveling and having even more Central American experiences. Leaving San Juan del Sur will be sad as we will be leaving many good friends. But we will always smile at our memories of the good times here, and we have had many of those in the past eight years.

I will be sad to leave a company that I have watched grow, and I will miss my co-workers.

I am sending this letter so that everyone understands why we are leaving, as small-town rumors spin out of control.

I want our friends to understand that Nicaragua will continue to thrive. It may take six months to a year for it to boom again, but it is a beautiful country with lots to offer tourist and investors.

Daniel Ortega winning the election ha caused some panic only in people who are uneducated in Nicaragua’s economic advancements over the past 10 years.

Ortega is only one man; he is part of a political party and the government here is not a dictatorship. It is to the new President’s benefit that Nicaragua keeps going forward. Unfortunately, the U.S. government likes to interfere in other countries’ politics.

My opinion is they should look in the mirror and concentrate on themselves.

Wendy Brown

San Juan del Sur



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