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11 Killed by Falling Tree in Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA – Eleven people, including a U.S. citizen, were crushed to death in a Honduran village when lightning toppled a huge tree onto the small church where missionaries were distributing clothing, a local mayor said.

Edilberto Montes, chief municipal official of the town of Trojes, in eastern Honduras near the Nicaraguan border, said the tragedy occurred Nov. 18 in the village of La Esperanza, along the CocoRiver.

He said among those killed were eight Miskito Indians, two people from Trojes and a U.S. citizen, whose name was not provided.

The U.S. victim reportedly was part of a missionary organization that was handing out used clothing to local residents.

Several others villagers were injured, though a precise number was not given. “When they were there in the church, a lightning bolt hit a Ceiba tree, which fell on top of the roof,”Montes said.



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