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Gas Consumption Decreases 5.9%

Costa Ricans consumed 5.9% less gas last month than in August 2005, according to a statement from the National Oil Refinery (RECOPE).

In August 2005, driverscons umed 453,124 barrels of super and regular gasoline, while last month they consumed only 426,344 barrels.

Though Costa Ricans bought less super gasoline last month than in August 2005, they purchased more regular gas and diesel fuel.

The demand for super gas decreased 19.28%, while the demand for regular gas increased 1.4%, from 292,970 barrels in August 2005 to 297,063 barrels last month, the statement said. The demand for diesel fuel increased 7.45%.

“For the second consecutive month, the consumption of fuels has decreased; however, when looking at individual reports, consumption of both regular gasoline and diesel continue to increase,” said RECOPE president José León Desanti, adding that the refinery will continue its campaign to encourage Costa Ricans to consume less gas and help lower the country’s gas bill.



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