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Study: Ticos Vague About Environment

Costa Ricans have a vague understanding of the meaning of environment, concluded a recent study on environmental perceptions released by the Institute of Social Studies in Population (IDESPO) of the Universidad Nacional (UNA).

“The prevailing idea in the collective understanding of the people of Costa Rica does not go beyond vague aspects such as: the environment is ‘everything that surrounds us,’” according to the study, conducted May 15-21 among 600 people.

IDESPO director Irma Sandoval presented results showing 45% of interviewed people chose that description to define the environment, while only 5% chose “the synergy of the natural world and human beings.”

“The relationship between society and nature is very important,” Sandoval told journalists at a press conference June 21 at Hotel Balmoral, in downtown San José.

The study, called “Perceptions of the Costa Rican Population about the Environment,” also examined people’s environmental concerns.

River pollution, vehicle contamination and solid-waste management are the top concerns mentioned.



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