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National Security Commission Planned

To promote better coordination between government institutions providing public security, President Oscar Arias’ administration plans to create a National Public Security Council,Vice-Minister of the Presidency José Torres announced recently.

Rodrigo Arias, Minister of the Presidency and the President’s brother; Public Security Minister Fernando Berrocal; and Justice Minister Laura Chinchilla met June 1 to discuss forming the council, which, though contemplated in existing law, has not been in place during the past two presidential administrations, Torres said.

“This administration will emit a decree to create the council, which will have representatives from the Ministry of the Presidency, the Justice Ministry and the Public Security Ministry,” Torres explained.

“It will serve to coordinate the work of different police operations during times when there are public security situations.

“The Public Security Ministry has a vertical organization, and the council will create better coordination between all the institutions,” Torres added.



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