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Tico Times Offers Improved Weather Report

Prepare yourself for a weather forecast experience unlike any before offered within the pages of The Tico Times. If you turn to the second-to-last page of this week’s edition, you can feast your eyes on The Tico Times’ newest triumph: a brand spankin’ new weather forecast.

Perhaps our excitement is over-the-top, perhaps not. The new weather forecast, provided by U.S.-based AccuWeather, is a leap beyond what we formerly offered, providing a much broader perspective of the natural stirrings in this tropical paradise.

Included in the much-improved section are several new features: a seven-day forecast for San José; a weather map of the entire country; the time of sun and moon risings and settings; and tide charts for surfers and others who pay attention to the sea.

Our temperature records for the week now include the highs and lows for twice as many locations, and are given for every day of the week. San José temperature and precipitation data is also more detailed.

AccuWeather is one of the world’s leading weather forecasting companies, with 250,000 paying customers of the service’s Web site,

 It provides content to The Washington Post, The New York Times, and now The Tico Times, among others.

The new weather section comes on the heels of a complete redesign of the paper earlier this year in honor of The Tico Times’ 50th anniversary (TT, Jan. 27).



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