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Farmers Win Lawsuit, DuPont to Appeal

Multinational company DuPont chemical manufacturer says it plans to appeal a May 17 ruling by a Florida court that found the company responsible for crop losses at 27 Costa Rican-owned ornamental plant farms that used Benlate fungicide, the daily La República reported.

Evidence provided by the Costa Ricans showed the product generated excessive bacterial growth in plants.

The Florida court determined DuPont should pay a $50 million compensation for the farm owners’ losses.

However, DuPont considers the evidence provided contains errors, DuPont spokesman Clif Webb told La República.

The daily tried to speak to the Costa Rican farmers, but Carmen Azofeifa, their spokeswoman, explained their lawyer recommended not making comments to the press.

The farm owners’ lawyer, Don Russo, plans to present an appeal to request a larger compensation of $150 million for the Costa Ricans to rehabilitate their farms.

DuPont introduced Benlate fungicide in 2001.



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