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Poetry Festival Kicks Off Tomorrow

Poetry will resound in the streets of Costa Rica after the fifth International Poetry Festival kicks off tomorrow, with events running through June 4.

The festival will include public readings, lectures, workshops and book presentations, as well as a “fresh book market” where students and community members can buy great works of contemporary poetry for about ¢1,000 ($2).

Organized by the Poetry House Association, the event is intended to galvanize interest in reading and writing poetry by presenting high-quality works to the public.

Hundreds of Costa Rican poets and 15 international poets from locations as far flung as New Zealand, Slovakia, Spain and Chile are expected to participate in the eight-day event.

And because the festival seeks to bring poetry into communities, events will be held in places as diverse as downtown San José and the northern Caribbean village of Tortuguero.

For more info, contact Natalia Rodríguez at 845-1753.


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