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Human Interest And the ‘Real’ C.R.

Fifty years, it feels like I must have been around for most of them, but when I do the math, I realize I entered the scene a mere 35 years ago. In 1971 I arrived in Costa Rica from Mexico as an amateur who thought it would be fun to write for a newspaper. I had studied creative writing, and was at the time teaching a creative writing class at the Universidad Nacional in Heredia; however I had little or no sense of what it was like to be a reporter.

However I liked people, had the ability to draw them out, and I loved to travel, so off I went. My articles, as you may have guessed, were human interest ones, as well as the best-kept secrets for finding the “real” Costa Rica in far-off corners of the country. Back then it wasn’t very hard to find a place that nobody had written about; now I suppose it is more of a challenge. I had lots of fun learning to be a reporter.

My main problem was that I could never find a title for my articles. I could write an article fairly quickly, but than agonize for hours over a 3-to 4-word title. Soon I realized that the best thing to do was to hand the article over to Dery, and let her come up with a clever title.

She did every time, and in minutes! Dery was always ready with a positive word and direction; although mostly she threw you out there and let you figure it out for yourself!

I have not lived in Costa Rica for many years, but it continues to hold a special place in my heart. Whenever I am in Costa Rica I visit with Dery and sometimes write the odd article for the newspaper, and sometimes I do trainings for the staff. It is one of my delights to receive The Tico Times in my mailbox, read it and share it with friends.

May The Tico Times with its faithful reporting, and its ability to connect those of us who are far away, continue for many years!


–Linda Moller

(For many years I have made my living teaching Accelerated Learning Language classes, as well as corporate trainings such as Conflict Resolution, Multicultural Understanding, Communication, and Emotional Intelligence.

I have recently been invited to be part of a group of women who will be facilitating a grass-roots type program at the University of Naroibi. The goal is to provide training for women faculty of Universities of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania that will enable them to become high-level administrators.

My son Mar was an intern at the TT one summer and is now in his first year at University.

I am still in love with the sea, and am now living in my beach house in Mexico which has a spectacular view, and the sounds are wonderful.)



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