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Covering (Sort Of ) ‘El Presidente’

I was of the Hilary Duffy, Christie Pashby era (summer 99) and ADORED my time at The Tico Times. My now husband, John Dinunzio, was living in Vargas Araya with me at the time and we often reminisce about the hilarious characters who worked there (and probably still do!)

The one outstanding memory, however, has to be getting called in on a day off to photograph an urgent press conference called by El Presidente. I marched off to the mtg with Guillermo (Escofet, TT reporter) pretending he didn t know me. It was my day off, what could I do! I was dressed head to toe in lime green, with flared trousers, plastic platforms and a great handbag to match.

NOT ONLY THAT, but being (foolishly) caught out without a flash for my camera, I had to borrow (TT reporter) Christine s (Pratt) point-and-shoot camera. I looked like a bloody tourist.

Julio (Laínez, TT photographer) was also there and never quite got over the sight of me, crawling on the floor in front of the president at the podium. I swear the president stopped mid-sentence and just stared at me. Who can blame him?

I am now back in my native London working on my first book, Ginger Snaps a photographic coffee table book of redheads all over Great Britain. Life is good.

I wish all current TT staff members all the best.Wish I could be there. . .

Charlotte (aka: Ginger!) Rushton


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