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Canada Recognizes 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations with Costa Rica

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Canadian-Costa Rican diplomatic relations, and the Canadian Embassy has a few tricks up its sleeve.

The commemoration kicked off with Canada’s first involvement in the Francophone Festival, which showcased arts and cultural events featuring French-Canadians (TT,March 24), and continues through the year with other cultural and academic events, including special activities planned for Canada Day, July 1.

“This 50th anniversary is a chance to reflect on what Canadians have done in Costa Rica. For example, Clínica Bíblica (a private hospital in San José) was opened by Marie Cameron, a Canadian doctor,” said Lilly Edgerton, public affairs official for the Canadian Embassy.

Included in the planned activities are academic speakers from Canada, workshops for journalism students focusing on child labor issues, and cultural events for the public.

For the Canada Day reception, the embassy is planning to fly in a chef from Canada to present contemporary fusion dishes with multicultural influences but using classic Canadian ingredients such as salmon, apples and maple syrup.

Throughout the year, and especially as Canada Day approaches, the Canadian Embassy will be releasing more information.

The embassy is interested in hearing from Canadian-owned or –operated hotels, bed-and-breakfasts or restaurants to promote during the Canada Day celebrations.

For more information, contact Edgerton at 242-4452.



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