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Renewable Energy Study Shows Potential for Region

The use of renewable energy sources is a viable option for Central America, where energy consumption has increased at a rate of 8.3% per year for the past eight years, according to a statement from the Biomass Users Network Central American Office (BUN-CA).

The organization recently carried out a study concluding that in 2014, Central American countries will require 58,600 mega volts of energy.

BUN-CA Director José María Blanco said the region could reap multiple benefits from using renewable energy sources.

“Alternative energy could reduce the dependency on petroleum imports to operate thermal plants and also contribute to new investment opportunities like granting certificates for reducing emissions that contribute to global warming,” Blanco said.

The study found that in the past several years, Central American countries have developed incentives for the private sector to participate in alternative energy production.“

We have evidence … that there is an open regional market with great possibilities for international investment,” Blanco said, regarding the potential for alternative energy projects.



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