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Let the Light Shine In: Electrifying Your Home

What good is a beautiful new home if it doesn’t have lights shining and appliances running under a steady supply of power? Installing lights and electricity is one of the most important parts of the building process, and it must be done early so that constructors can plug in necessary electrical equipment to complete building. Here are a couple of companies that can electrify and light your house to give it the illuminating glow and buzz of activity that make it into a home.

ElectroGuanacaste, based out of the northwestern province of Guanacaste, provides electrical services not only in the Guanacaste region but all over the country, said sales director Randal Mora.

The company works with clients from the beginning of the home-building process, when plans are being drawn, until all lights and appliances are installed. Choosing the best lighting in both indoor and outdoor yard areas is a key part of electrifying a home, Mora said.

When selecting lights, clients must think of what style they’re looking for, as well as their budget. For example, many home builders these days are going for the “rustic” look, which can be achieved with wooden light fixtures, Mora said. Others are seeking energy efficiency and can choose from several low-consumption, energy-conserving lights.

Before lights are installed, ElectroGuanacaste’s team of electrical engineers installs the necessary tubing, connections, outlets and meters to provide power to the entire house.

For those fascinated by state-of-the-art gadgets, ElectroGuanacaste sells an automated “My Home” computer system that allows owners to control their home’s electricity remotely over the Internet. Through a Web site, they can turn on the air conditioning before leaving the office, for example, or program a coffeemaker to turn on at a certain time.

The system is ideal for vacation homes, Mora said, because owners can control lights, climate and other appliances from any location.

From ElectroGuanacaste’s main office in Santa Cruz, on the NicoyaPeninsula, the company provides services to surrounding beach areas including Coco, Hermosa, Pinilla, Tamarindo and the Gulf of Papagayo. ElectroGuanacaste also has offices in San José’s Barrio México, Curridabat, east of San José, the western suburb of Escazú, the Caribbean-slope town of Guápiles and Perez Zeledón, in the Southern Zone. For information on any location, call 653-9004 or 653-8513.

Codelec specializes in lighting for homes and businesses. Its store displays various types of lights for different tastes and uses, and its technicians have the know-how to install them.

A variety of fluorescents and incandescents to light up the interior are for sale at Codelec’s store. Additionally, luminaries are available to light up garden areas for entertaining, and projection lights illuminate grounds for security purposes. The majority of Codelec’s lighting selection consists of General Electric and Technolite brands. Codelec is in Los Yoses, east of downtown San José. For more information, call 253-1170 or e-mail



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