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Mysterious Object in Sky Draws Crowds in San José

WAS it an alien spaceship, a weather balloon or just an optical illusion? A white, shiny circle seen hovering in the sky above San José Jan. 13 left pedestrians scratching their heads and craning their necks, pondering what the mysterious object could be.


The object, visible between 1-2:15 p.m., was likely a weather balloon launched by the National Meteorology Institute (IMN) last week, institute meteorologist José Joaquín Aguero told the daily La Nación. Using a radio probe, the balloons measure humidity, atmospheric pressure and wind speed, among other things.


“These radio probes are silver; with the sun’s light, it’s logical that they would shine,” Aguero said.


The mystery object evoked strong reactions from passers-by.


Mario Altamirado said he was sure the object was a UFO, and said he saw people around him panicking and even crying.



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