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U.S. Rep. Dan Burton Visits, Promotes CAFTA

U.S. Representative Dan Burton, a Republican from Indiana, spoke with Costa Rican leaders about the importance of ratifying the Central American Free-Trade Agreement with the United States (CAFTA) during a visit here Tuesday and Wednesday.


“This is an opportunity that will bring new investment, better trade relations, economic growth and more jobs,” he said. Costa Rica is the only one of seven countries included in CAFTA that has not ratified the trade pact.


This was Burton’s third visit within a year; he was here in February and April of last year promoting CAFTA (TT, Feb. 18, April 29, 2005). This week, he met with officials from the Agriculture Ministry, Foreign Trade Ministry (COMEX), legislators and legislative candidates in the upcoming Feb. 5 elections.


“The majority of the congressmen and candidates I’ve talked to are in favor of CAFTA. It could be ratified as early as May or June, once the new President and Congress are in place,” Burton told The Tico Times.


Burton traveled with a group of food and agriculture industry leaders from Indiana who met with Costa Rican business representatives in hopes of strengthening commercial ties.



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