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Spiritual Advisor and Healer Visits Costa Rica

GRANDMOTHER April White Cloud wears many hats: She is a teacher, healer, sacred singer and spiritual advisor, to name a few. She is also known by many names: White Cloud, which means “bringer of the rains for a healthy harvest”; Trinkar Lhamo, her Tibetan name, which means “goddess of white cloud, protector guardian and for guidance”; and Spider, a name bestowed upon her by her adoptive Native American family that signifies she is “one who weaves the web of life.”Originally from California, White Cloud was trained at an early age in singing, traditional dance, telepathy and telekinesis, nurtured by her father, a master healer of the Hawaiian culture, and her grandmother, who shared her herbal remedies and psychic abilities with her granddaughter.By the time she was 15 years old, White Cloud, who names Orson Welles as a onetime mentor, was singing in front of audiences of thousands. She has traveled all over the world, from Hong Kong to England, mostly as a spiritual advisor and ceremonialist, and is now an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. She performs sacred talking and drumming circles, sacred songs and tones, blessing ceremonies and predictions on Earth changes, and provides private consultations on health matters.“My symbols are the circle and the bridge within a six-pointed star,” White Cloud says. “Since I believe we come from the stars, and all parts of the circle of life being equal, my prayer is that I may be a bridge to assist the circle in calling a vision of unity, peace, unconditional love and compassion… My visit here is to pay homage to Costa Rica as the bridge of the Americas.”White Cloud arrived in Costa Rica a week ago, and will be here until Aug. 19. Her visit will overlap with that of Tibetan Lama Khyimsar Rinpoche, whom she calls a “dear friend.” One of the few Bön lamas who live and teach in the Western world, Rinpoche will be visiting Costa Rica from Aug. 16-29.This past week, White Cloud performed an opening ceremony for the Environmental Psychology department of the University of Costa Rica. On Sunday, she is scheduled to perform an afternoon powwow Aug. 14, 50 meters west of the cemetery in Piedades de Santa Ana, southwest of San José. Events are free to the public. Private consultations may be arranged upon request.For more information, call 289-7524, 222-3473 or 368-2614, or e-mail For Rinpoche’s schedule of appearances, see the Calendar pages.


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